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At Prime Designs, we believe that casting is an important part of the jewelry design process. As the result we pay extra attention to this process. Best results are achieved ensuring minimal impacts on other stages down the line.

Gem Setting

Having a proven record with gemstone setting, Prime Designs continuously ensures that the highest quality standards are met. We specialize in a wide variety of settings, including: Pave, Micro Pave, Invisible, Channel, Bezel and Prongs.


In polishing stage, we ensure that the best shine and finish are achieved but not at the expense of essential design details. This is done by careful determination of individual polishing needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance at Prime Designs consists of two areas. The first being quality control personel that check each step of the process and secondly, the final quality assurance after polishing. The successful implementation of this method has helped minimize and eliminate problems later on and plays a key role in maximizing the quality of the jewelry. The final product approval is done by quality assurance professionals with years of experience in the creation of jewelry.



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